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Tashi Air having given the mandate to start the international operations out of Bhutan and has launched its Bhutan Airline services out of Paro airport to Bangkok, Thailand on 10th October 2013. It presently uses a Airbus-320 -200 wet leased airbus from Small Planets a Lithuanian based company.

It is operating seven days a week flight from Bangkok to Paro via Kolkata, India and return. In addition to the passengers bound directly to Bhutan it shall also harness the fifth freedom passengers rights in and out of Kolkata, India to Bangkok, Thailand and back.

In view of this business model Tashi Air believed that an Airbus 320 having a much higher seat capacity would be an ideal choice for an suitable aircraft for the operation out of Bhutan specially, when it could tap vast fifth freedom passenger rights out of Kolkata , India.

For any start-up aviation company a wet lease approach is perhaps the best business option to begin its operation immediately, as it could tap and utilise the experience of a well established Wet Lessor Company and at the same time, slowly gain the knowledge and knowhow of an aviation business and train and develop its own management team over the period.

Tashi Air is now operating its international services from Paro, Bhutan to Bangkok with a wet lease A 320 aircraft from Small Planet for a 6 month period. It will plan a roll over aircraft under a Dry Lease arrangement beginning April 2014.

As a way forward, keeping the growth of the aviation sector in Bhutan , Tashi Air also plans to introduce one or more additional aircrafts in subsequent years taking into account the tourism market growth and the demand that would prevail in the future.

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